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Metal Gear Solid by Tmoe380

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The internet has changed...


This contest has ended.
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Contest Description
Show us how insane your love for GameFly is! Submit a video of yourself in costume as your favorite video game character. Tell us why you love GameFly and why the character you're dressed as is your favorite. The GameFly Super Fan whose video gets the most votes could appear in a GameFly TV commercial. Voting will be open for the entire month of October, so submit your videos now!

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Definitely the best out of what i watched


All you need is a really good costume, and you are the perfect Snake. PERFECT.




Now I don't know if this is true or not, but MGS4 is said to be coming to 360 next year. Makes sense seeing as ps3 has such a limited install base.


ha ha ha! This was incredible. I love that, "For Free!" it was the best Snake impression I've ever heard. Incredible. Sweet game to choose too. MGS4 is the shizz. Port it to X-Box DarkBacon? Tell your friend that's as likely as Halo being ported to the PS3.


You've got presence bro. Best acting submitted by far...


maybe some of these people who hated this dont play any good games


I thought opening it with the "war has changed" parody made it pretty clear, that got a pretty good laugh out of me.


You sure can tell that you rushed these videos out. Probably would have been decent if you spent more time on them.


Yeah. But sadly it is the only game worth playing on a PS3 so not many people are going to go out and buy a PS3 for one game. I had to borrow my friends ps3 to play it. Here's hoping they port it to xbox


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