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Sackboy and Gamefly by BlueDaht

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Sackboy loves Gamefly, but conflict can't be avoided when there are over 6,000 games to rent for many different game systems. How does Sackboy overcome this endeavor?


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Contest Description
Show us how insane your love for GameFly is! Submit a video of yourself in costume as your favorite video game character. Tell us why you love GameFly and why the character you're dressed as is your favorite. The GameFly Super Fan whose video gets the most votes could appear in a GameFly TV commercial. Voting will be open for the entire month of October, so submit your videos now!

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dude...very nice vid :) "i am sackboy...Weee" lol (>^_^)>


Lol fail


I got it...nice try sack boy


Some people have no sense of humour.


your vid is good but seriously, how much degreaser did u swallow that day?


sack boy you got my vote!


00:15 umm what the heck is up with that *$#@ still LOL


yeah that was funny you got my vote.


Hey guys! Just to clear things up, this is a spoof of LittleBigPlanet's sackboy/sackgirl characters. @ kikbalkid: Thanks for the feedback, but for that last part, I had to follow the video contest rules.


No clue who this character is? Was he in that Voodoo game for original Xbox?


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