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Zero Suit Jen loves GameFly by JenL

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Join GameFly and get your games faster than you can say Justin Bailey! If you like my commercial, please vote for me! Thanks! :)


This contest has ended.
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Contest Description
Show us how insane your love for GameFly is! Submit a video of yourself in costume as your favorite video game character. Tell us why you love GameFly and why the character you're dressed as is your favorite. The GameFly Super Fan whose video gets the most votes could appear in a GameFly TV commercial. Voting will be open for the entire month of October, so submit your videos now!

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This was one of my faves. :)


Thanks again for all the kind words, folks! :)




you are pretteh good lookin, but you no has me vote ;) the Indiana Jones guy jumped off a cliff into the water :) you should risk yer life too :P


Wow this was great I voted for you!


You are awesome and this is really great! Glad you didn't listen to your mother who told you to stop playing games all the time. Oh-right...I am your mother.


Another vote for you Jen, this is one of the best video's by far. Best of luck to you!


You have a very natural voice for commercial acting. Well done!


Great job! Zero Suit rates a cool ten!


Cool. Which characters are you? Someone from Tron?


Samus from the Metroid series. If you've never played 'em, you should check them out.


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