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Rap by CJJJJ

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This contest has ended.
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Contest Description
Show us how insane your love for GameFly is! Submit a video of yourself in costume as your favorite video game character. Tell us why you love GameFly and why the character you're dressed as is your favorite. The GameFly Super Fan whose video gets the most votes could appear in a GameFly TV commercial. Voting will be open for the entire month of October, so submit your videos now!

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Who are u suspose to be.


yes it is a commerical what you have a problem with rap now he's talking about gamefly in his rap what's wrong with that


This isn't a commercial. This is an entry for a talent show. Does anyone really see something like this being aired? There are half a dozen better entries than this on here at least.


CJ from GTA San andreas


Great commercial. You gets teh vote!


john cena?


was up everybody this is the hiphopgamer and thank you for the support let's keep this up til 10/31 and hopefully we'll win this thing 1luv and god bless and to the haters out there thank you too


great show this past sunday hiphopgamer i guess i'll be getting nba2k9 ok take it easy aight hope you win peace


spider man commerical is great but hiphopgamer was great as well i like them both but no one should talk down to hiphopgamer because he raps i think it's unique and different from what everyone else is doing


and you said it doesn't take skill then go here and you will hear even more skill and also can you do it let's hear you spit some bars kara


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