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Duke Nukem-GameFl y Forever by Seal18

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Always Bet on Duke, unless your betting on Duke Nukem Forever coming out in the near future. Here the classic FPS character Duke Nukem explains his love for gamefly. Please enjoy.


This contest has ended.
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Contest Description
Show us how insane your love for GameFly is! Submit a video of yourself in costume as your favorite video game character. Tell us why you love GameFly and why the character you're dressed as is your favorite. The GameFly Super Fan whose video gets the most votes could appear in a GameFly TV commercial. Voting will be open for the entire month of October, so submit your videos now!

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the audio was too quiet, I had to turn my speakers all the way up to hear it.


duke has a flat top, not a mop top.


ha ha i cant hear it and THAT WIG IS SOOO GIRLY LOL DUDE LOL


Most girly duke ever.


lol sorry about that it was the only blonde wig I had


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